2020 has brought numerous surprises, changes, and a whole new way of doing almost everything in our lives.


Couple of large changes in my life…

  • Canadian Blind manufacturing Inc. closed its showroom, and I was put on furlough (furlough is an unpaid leave of absence. While furloughed employees still technically retain their jobs, the furlough itself means that they cease working for their employers and do not earn a salary. The idea is that this is a temporary arrangement, and workers will one day be able to return to their jobs) it has been now 5 months.

Most of you might not have known that I was assisting you with all your blind projects/quotes/orders all for no compensation. I was available to assist to keep orders flowing in for CBM, as I was a proud ambassador for CBM, over 13 years.

Then August 28, 2020 comes along, and a letter goes out to all accounts before a copy even came to me (stating I no longer represent CBM blinds). Now they have no reps in the territories at all.

  • Textile Trimmings/Value Tex, same showroom closure, but I worked with compensation for that line. This will change as of 30 September 2020, as I will no longer represent these 2 companies in the field.


Crown Surface Solutions ~ the good news is I’ve been extremely busy with wallcoverings & murals since COVID-19’s arrival, still to date with great sales!Equus Fabrics, Pace Fabrics, Pride of Paris Fabrics, Dragonfly leathers ~ everything good and stays the same with these lines I represent.

NEW: Trade Source Agencies has a YOU TUBE channel – take a look to see the latest product offerings, let me know if you’d like something you see.

NEW: I’ve now moved to Mill Bay, BC but still travel the island/Gulf Islands, and regularly commute to Victoria 3 days/week.

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I wish all the best ~ to all of you.
Anyway I can assist with your product requirements, love to help, just ask.

Kindest regards, be well.
Jan Wallace