Christmas Newsletter 2020

Yes, a challenging year, many changes which includes Textile Trimmings, Value Tex 2020, and CBM Blinds all having gone sales rep-less now, and yes it was a major shock to all of us reps!

But, good news is the fabric lines, and wallcoverings I represent were quite busy and the delivery times not a problem considering the COVID 19 over-worked couriers.

Then, this summer Phil, Oliver and I moved to a small house in Mill Bay, and the commute is not bad at all! It is a peaceful location, not missing the noise living on Henderson Road for the past 22 years.

A big “new” is I am now working with Design One Stevens Interiors. They have been busy all year and required some assistance. So in saying this I have all my Crown Surface Solutions sampling on the second floor at Design One. You are free to make an appointment with me to sign out loaners anytime, mine as well as Design One Stevens’ libraries.

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I cannot believe another year has passed. We all had such a strange year, but we made it through. I want to let you know, you are all part of my life, and I am so grateful for your past and future business and friendship. So in lieu of my Christmas goodies/gifts, you have my gratitude!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
At your service ~ ALWAYS.

Kindest regards and best of health,
Jan Wallace