April 2018 Newsletter

 Spring 2018 Newsletter Spring… hello! We've been anxiously awaiting your arrival. We love this time of year; the air has a freshness about it that is so energizing, and we get inspired by all the bright colours and blooming buds that the season brings. And of course the busyness in this industry of designing/decorating/staging… etc.! From: New [...]

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December 2017 Newsletter

 December 2017 Newsletter All of you… have helped make this one great year for myself & my family, with all your orders, support & business… 2018 sounds exciting ~ here are a few sneak peeks as to what is to come in the New Year! From: New wallcovering line from Thom Filicia Abalone "Distinctly Dynamic [...]

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October 2017 Newsletter

It’s hard to believe September has already come and gone, but fortunately, we had some beautiful fall weather (with a few typical Victoria rainy days sprinkled in there) and the leaves have begun to change colour and tumble to the ground. We always know when the seasons change with all the leaves & nuts falling [...]

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September 2017

September 2017 Newsletter Feature Company of the Month: They have the largest selection of closet products in Western Canada - Melamine, wood, wood slat, and they have Adjustable European Modular (Silver or White) in stock, as well as pullout shelves for kitchens. Visit their website to see more. Introducing: Equus Fabrics... our latest new fabric line! ... [...]

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August 2017

August 2017 Newsletter Summer! Note:~ As so many of you take some vacation time for self & loved ones... I don't show new product as often. If you'd like to see any of these new offerings in person, please contact me!  From:   New Summer Offerings Plantation Tupelo Grade & Gradient Glist Hand Sawn Wood Amoire [...]

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July 2017

July... Yahoo summer has finally arrived! It seems I assist every day with sourcing of wallcovering, drapery hardware, blinds, fabrics etc... for all of you talented individuals...I never get to see the final project finished look! Please send me some room shots to share & enjoy!... of course you will get a nice mention too, [...]

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Website Launch

Trade Source Agencies 3473 Henderson Rd Victoria, BC  V8P 5A8 T:  250.590.8234 F:  250.519.0023 C:  250.818.8336 New sleek website! Expanded Glossary Section Brush up on the latest fabric, eco-friendly and wall covering terms. Easy to navigate all of our wholesale distributors! Check it out now! ~ Thank you [...]

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March 2017

Trade Source Agencies 3473 Henderson Rd Victoria, BC  V8P 5A8 T:  250.590.8234 F:  250.519.0023 C:  250.818.8336 From: New Products Spring 2017 Shoreline Grass Malibu Knits Nantucket Yarns and Cloth Agate St. Barts Serenity Tidal Stripe Nantucket Yarns [...]

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February 2017

Trade Source Agencies 3473 Henderson Rd Victoria, BC  V8P 5A8 T:  250.590.8234  F:  250.519.0023 C:  250.818.8336 Media Features: Have you picked up a copy of the latest Design Magazines or caught the Marilyn Denis Show lately?... Style at Home – Phillip Jeffries [...]

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January 2017

New year new space. Trade Source Agencies 3473 Henderson Rd Victoria, BC  V8P 5A8 T:  250.590.8234  |  F:  250.519.0023  |  C:  250.818.8336 Hello 2017 Reminder ~ Free fabric/wallpaper swatches... anytime! Call... email... or text your requests.   Trade Source Agencies is 10 Years Old! Thank you to you, all of our clients and partners, [...]

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