August 2017 Newsletter


As so many of you take some vacation time for self & loved ones… I don’t show new product as often.
If you’d like to see any of these new offerings in person, please contact me!



New Summer Offerings



Grade & Gradient


Hand Sawn Wood


Hanami Silk


Reminder… we have fantastic sunroom/outdoor room’s fabrics, many stocked in Vancouver for quick delivery. 


Featured Company of the month: ~ Microseal & Greenway
Let’s support local ~ Lori & RobThe following is a list of the many benefits of MicroSeal®:
  • Penetrates fibres for Permanent protection – 8 – 10 cleanings
  • Sun Fade Protection – near 100% on many fabrics
  • Won’t shrink or stain carpet, fabrics or fibres
  • Increases wear by 60%
  • Reduces smoke density by 25% and flame spread by 13%
  • Won’t seal in stains
  • Environmentally safe – zero VOC’s
  • Mildew & Static resistant
  • Safe for the environment
  • Non-allergenic and non-toxic
  • Does not damage woodwork, metal, paint or glass
  • Apply to any material of fibrous nature including suede and smooth finished leather.

MicroSeal® has been independently tested and used in the Aerospace industry for over 25+ years.  Boeing has been using it on their executive jets to treat the leather seats, wool carpeting and the fabric headliners.  Boeing says they had to replace the interiors every 18 months prior to using MicroSeal® now they last 30 months.There is more information on their website about MicroSeal® at

Vacation Notice:

I’ll be going on vacation between August 28th – September 4th, 2017. I will be sans phone, so I will return all messages once I’m back to business! Please contact Head offices during this week, if necessary.

I am really looking forward to reconnecting with myself, checking in, recharging my batteries, and wedding dress shopping with my daughter, Monica!

Things will probably be slow moving when I’m back … I apologize in advance – please be patient with me while I play catch up!

Kindest regards, Jan